Mobile app Design and            development

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Course outline :

1. Instructions

2. Project work for AppStore

3. Assignments

In this course, students will learn to design and develop mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. Students will work directly with the Objective-C programming language and Apple’s Xcode development tool to build mobile apps from scratch, with the goal of enabling students to independently produce fully functional app prototypes. User experience design plays a large role in app develop, with most development decisions being informed by design decisions. While prior programming experience is not necessary, it will certainly be helpful as this course will move quickly.


Course Description


Although they have only become widely used in the past few years, mobile devices have already had a tremendous impact on our culture and its social dynamics. Recent rapid growth in the mobile device market has not been primarily driven by voice communications, but rather by the limitless ways in which these devices may be used to explore our local environments. These new communicative modes are expressed through small and self-contained “apps” that are focused around a central concept, and that leverage many of the advanced features of these devices to augment a user’s understanding of her environment. This course operates in two distinct but related modes: development, wherein an app is made functional; and design, through which an app is made usable. Students will be expected to consider both modes when producing their apps. Students will work throughout the semester to produce a compelling app of interest to the UNC community.


Course Objectives

- Produce apps for iOS platform devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)

- Gain a basic understanding of computer architecture and object

-oriented programming

- Develop a working knowledge of Apple’s Xcode app development tool

- Understand mobile design principles

- Identify need and opportunity in app markets