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SiliconValley4u and Neuton.Ai

Within our collaborative partnership with Neuton.AI, we’ve created a combined platform that enables students to run complex analytics with our accelerators, get actionable insights, and solve real-world problems with internships. 

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The road of American ingenuity runs through Silicon Valley, where the tech experts and thought leaders of today shape the future of the nation's tomorrow. The camps and classes of Siliconvalley4u help Kids/youth and seasoned tech professionals alike stay ahead of the ever-accelerating pace of technological development. Whether they're learning to build apps in Javascript, Java, Mobile, Python, operate 3D printers, or build robots from scratch, youngsters benefit from personalized, hands-on instruction from the center's resident experts. At the other end of the spectrum, established IT professionals can prep for new certifications with courses in cloud computing, data sciences, and other vital skills that make companies run."


Bell Integrator is a global consulting and technology services provider driving innovation and enabling digital transformation.

Our team of scientists accumulates more than 700 years combined experience as scientific researchers while successfully solving complex algorithmic problems in the following areas: neural networks in artificial intelligence, machine learning cloud services, augmented reality, video analytics, internet of things, blockchain. Logo.jpg


In partnership with Neuton.AI and Colleges/University, we are developing a marketplace for AI solutions.

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