Android and        IoS

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Course outline :

1. Instructions

2. Project work for AppStore

3. Assignments

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Android app development for kids

Getting Started with Android Programming


What is Android?


  1. Obtaining the Required Tools

  2. Creating Your First Android Application

Anatomy of an Android Application

  1. Activities, Fragments, and Intents

  2. Understanding Activities

  3. Linking Activities Using Intents

  4. Fragments

  5. Calling Built-In Applications Using Intents

  6. Displaying Notifications

Getting to Know the Android User Interface

  1. Understanding the Components of a Screen

  2. Adapting to Display Orientation

  3. Managing Changes to Screen Orientation

  4. Utilizing the Action Bar

  5. Creating the User Interface

  6. Programmatically Listening for UI Notifications

Designing Your User Interface with Views

  1. Using Basic Views

  2. Using Picker Views

  3. Using List Views to Display Long Lists

  4. Understanding Specialized Fragments

  5. Displaying Pictures and Menus with Views

  6. Using Image Views to Display Pictures

  7. Using Menus with Views

  8. Some Additional Views

Data Persistence

  1. Saving and Loading User Preferences

  2. Persisting Data to Files

  3. Creating and Using Databases

  4. Content Providers

  5. Sharing Data in Android

  6. Using a Content Provider

  7. Creating Your Own Content Providers

  8. Using the Content Provider


  1. SMS Messaging

  2. Sending Email

Location-Based Services

  1. Displaying Maps

  2. Getting Location Data

  3. Monitoring a Location

Project – Building a Location Tracker


  1. Consuming Web Services Using HTTP

  2. Consuming JSON Services

  3. Sockets


  1. Developing Android Services

  2. Creating Your Own Services

  3. Establishing Communication between a Service and an Activity

  4. Binding Activities to Services

  5. Understanding Threading

Publishing Android Applications

  1. Preparing for Publishing

  2. Deploying APK Files

Appendix A: Using Eclipse for Android Development

  1. Getting Around in Eclipse

  2. Debugging your Application

Appendix B: Using the Android Emulator

  1. Uses of the Android Emulator

  2. Creating Snapshots

  3. SD Card Emulation

  4. Emulating Devices with Different Screen Sizes

  5. Emulating Physical Capabilities

  6. Sending SMS Messages to the Emulator

  7. Making Phone Calls

  8. Transferring Files into and out of the Emulator

  9. Resetting the Emulator