We are the industry experts from Silicon Valley with decades of experience in Computer Science bringing experience, knowledge to youth to succeed in learning developing Software projects and eventually to get into top universities

Our specialization after test prepping - We will assign kids to different projects based on their interest level, age and enthusiasm level

Duration : 10 weeks

Time - 2 hrs per week

Tests - 1 to 2 per week


Following is an outline of the major topics considered for the AP Computer Science Exam. This outline is intended to define the scope of the test prep course, but not the sequence.

I. Exam Format, Grading and Tips

  • Exam Format

  • Java Subset

  • Grading and Tips

  • A or AB?

2. Exam Topics we cover​

  • Variables and Operators

  • Conditional statements and loops

  • Strings, Integer and double class

  • Arrays, array list and classes

  • Methods, exceptions, random numbers and input/output

3. OOP Concepts and Program Design

  • Computer System, program design and development methodology

  • Inheritance, class hierarchies 

  • Polymorphism, interfaces and Design questions

4. Algorithms

  • Iterations, Recursions

  • Binary and sequential search

  • Selection and Insertion sorts

  • Mergesort and Quicksort

  • D.O. Question

5. AB Topics (linked lists, stacks, queues, trees)​​

  • Lists, stacks, hashing and queues

  • sets, maps, binary trees

  • Priority queues, heaps and heapsorts

  • Big O Analysis and Questions

6. Simulation Case Study

  • Introduction

  • Utility, classes and interface

  • environment interface

  • simulation class

  • environment implementation

  • hints for case study


7.  Annotated Solutions

8. Review and Practice Exams

Practice TESTS

New batches : All programs start every week  Mon through Sun. Please specify a day and a time  that works for you  HERE    after you signup for the course.

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