Module 1 – Storm Architecture

  • Baysean Law

  • Hadoop Distributed Computing

  • Features of Big Data

  • Legacy Architecture of Real Time System

  • Difference between Storm and Hadoop

  • Logical Dynamic and Components in Storm

  • Topology in Storm

  • Storm Execution Components

  • Stream Grouping

  • Tuple

  • Spout

  • Bolt-normalization bolt

Module 2 – Apache storm installation

  • Aache storm installation

Module 3 – Grouping

  • Grouping and its different type

  • Reliable and unreliable messaging

  • How to get data-Direct connection and Enqueued message

  • Life cycle of bolt

Module 4 – What is Trident

  • Trident Spouts

  • Types of trident spouts

  • Trident spout components

  • Trident spout interface

  • Trident filter, function, and Aggregator

Module 5 – Boot Stripping

  • What is Twitter Boot Stripping

  • Deep Dive in Boot Stripping

  • Fundamental concept of storm

  • Storm Development Environment

Storm on Cloud

  • Storm on Openstack

  • Storm on AWS EC2

  • Storm on AWS S3

Storm on Hadoop

  • Storm on YARN

Apache Storm

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