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Who we are?

The road of American ingenuity runs through Silicon Valley, where the tech experts and thought leaders of today shape the future of the nation's tomorrow. The camps and classes of Siliconvalley4u help Kids/youth and seasoned tech professionals alike stay ahead of the ever-accelerating pace of technological development. Whether they're learning to build apps in Javascript, Java, Mobile, Python, operate 3D printers, or build robots from scratch, youngsters benefit from personalized, hands-on instruction from the center's resident experts. We partnered with over 100 centers globally and established a simple and lucrative process to bring our programs to your esteemed center.

What we offer?

we offer very unique coding and technology classes to youth both online and on-site

Why Partner with us

We bring instant credibility , curriculum and instructors to conduct class with no cost from you.In addition we bring revenue to your organization through students from your community.

How it helps your business

Very simple - We make it seamless, you don't have to invest any money or too much time. We have processes in place to instantly bring our programs, please click on below link to and setup a 30 minute appointment with an expert. He/She will go through the steps

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