Finding a project for you

Making animations
Telling stories
Building games
Programming games of chance
Creating art projects
Sensing the real world
Programming concepts

Using Scratch 

Looking inside a Scratch project
The stage area
The sprites pane
The scripts area
The built-in image editor

Using Scratch offline


Joining the Scratch community

Time for action – creating an account on the Scratch website

Time for action – understanding the key features of your account

Abiding by the terms of use
Create projects under Creative Commons licenses
Finding free media online
Taking our first steps in Scratch

Time for action – moving the cat across the stage

Using events to trigger an action
Have a go hero – testing the move block

Time for action – animating a walking motion with the cat

What just happened?
Understanding the basics of a Scratch Project
Saving early, often, and automatically

Time for action – saving our work

Undoing a deletion
Introducing forever loops

Time for action – setting the cat in motion, forever

What just happened?
Controlling a sprite with loops

Time for action – flipping the cat right-side up

What just happened?
Clicking on a block runs the command
Have a go hero – exploring sprite rotation
Adding sprites to the project

Time for action – adding a second sprite and script

Reviewing a video-sensing project

Time for action – reviewing pop the balloon – video starter

Sensing video
Have a go hero, remix ideas with our starter project

Pop quiz – getting started with Scratch



Introducing the paint editor

Time for action – painting a happy birthday sprite

Changing the size of a bitmap image
Choosing bitmap or vector images

Time for action – drawing a vector image

Changing the size of the vector image
Reviewing the image editing tools
Erasing in the vector mode
Filling the stage with color

Time for action – using the fill with color tool to paint the stage

Adding gradients
Applying a gradient

Time for action – adding more sprites to address the card

Initializing a sprite’s starting values

Time for action – hiding all sprites when the flag is clicked

Time for action – displaying happy birthday

Specifying memorable names and comments

Time for action – renaming sprites

Inserting comments into our code

Time for action – adding comments to a script

Time for action – transforming sprites

Graphical transformations
Comparing the repeat and forever blocks

Time for action – turning m in a circle

Have a go hero – cleaning up the animations

Time for action – making a sprite fade in with the ghost effect

Two ways to control timing
Have a go hero – animating the butterfly

Pop quiz – reviewing the chapter



Designing the outline of a barnyard joke book

Time for action – designing a clickable table of contents

Time for action – adding pages to the book

Time for action – adding a sprite to the Backpack

Using the Backpack to store sprites and scripts
Building a joke with say blocks and sounds

Time for action – making a horse talk with the say block

Time for action – synchronizing and animating the horse

Time for action – importing a horse sound

Playing supported sound formats
Positioning a sprite by its coordinates

Time for action – moving the dog based on x and y coordinates

Locating sprites with x and y coordinates
Creating a new costume

Time for action – duplicate, flip and switch a sprite’s costume

Comparing costumes to sprites
Composing custom sound effects

Time for action – creating drum sound effects

Creating sound effects and music
Have a go hero – write a joke sequence for the dog

Time for action – integrating the dog’s joke sequence

Have a go hero – adding context to the dog’s scene
Navigating the story and coordinating scenes

Time for action – hiding the table of contents

Time for action – displaying the dog scene

Coordinating scenes by backdrop name

Time for action – navigating back to the table of contents

Have a go hero – finish the sequence and initialize the project

Pop quiz – checking chapter concepts


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