Siliconvalley4u  is a "Coding Academy" that connects trainers from top schools such as Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, IIT, University of Washington, University of California to the youth around the world using software training programs and real-world project development to make kids more innovative, entrepreneurial and confident. Our mission is to build a platform to enable youth to create a program, app, product that can make a mark!!

Coding Academy to make you a "Teenovator "

Kid's course Pathway

Click on any of the courses to sign up

(Courses in Blue are for 5 to 7 year old kids

Python starts from 8 year old kids. You can choose what you like. Our counselors are also can help you. Send us an email to info@siliconvalley4u.com)

Technology Competitions

Our Trainees participate in internal and external FUN competitions

Please enroll your child for  enrichment  programs  to  build their way into the future


We will train your employee kids, to become interns for your company. This training can be done in our labs, or online classroom. 


We have conducted many summer camps and after school enrichment programs with many cities.


We are building a strong community of teenovators, young tech enthuists, techpreneurs, and all youth who want to make a mark!!


 Our team of trainers are from top schools such as IIT, UC Berkeley, University of Washington, UC Davis and Carnegie Mellon.

We are adding more trainers to the list.

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