Creative Working

Free MVP for early-stage startups

Frequently asked questions

What is this about?

We are like a virtual incubator. We help early stage startups to get Free MVP (minimum viable product) for them to able to get to investors and/or early customers

What is in it for you?

As mentioned before we are early stage incubators. For serious entrepreneurs we will help with the promise of equity in the company and/or deferred payment

What kind of help we get?

Depends on the kind of agreement we come up with in terms of the involvement 1) Free MVP design development 2) Be a technology partner 3) Consultant in raising money and help with strategy

What is the qualificatioon criteria?

We will talk to the startup individual/team in detail and get to know you and the seriousness of the venture.. Qualifying criteria includes team, Idea, seriousness and how far are you into the effort. If we think that this is not the right fit we will let you know right away without wasting your time. You don't have to disclose all the details if you are not comfortable. We are open to signing an NDA to protect your ideas.