Minecraft Madness

Empowering Kids with simple instructions

Course Curriculum

(Our specialization- We will assign kids to different projects based on their interest level, age and enthusiasm level)

Duration : 4 weeks

Time - 1 hrs per week

Assignments - 1 per week


You have most likely heard of Minecraft, the immensely successful building computer game popular with Kids. Minecraft boasts considerable educational value, with skills such as teamwork, creativity, spatial reasoning and, most importantly, building. basic to intermediate design principles, such as depth, color balance and architecture, to help improve your builds in Minecraft and also attain real-world skills. We will meet to play minecraft, socialize and engage in peer base learning; fundamentals of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)education incorporated. Through Minecraft students will exercise their creativity by participating in individual and group challenges and they will learn to download and apply their own Minecraft mods!



The series focuses on the implementation of simple commands and how to manipulate those commands to affect programs. This course is designed to introduce concepts widely used in the programming industry. 



1.     To introduce students to basic programming concepts.

2.     To help students gain a better understanding of how math relates to programming.

3.     To give students experience using contemporary technology.

4.     To encourage student collaboration to complete various tasks.



The course will cover the following topics:

1. Introduction to Minecraft and Python

○ Syntax, Control Flow, Errors

2. Conditional Statements

○ Operators, Variables

3. For Loops

○ Ranges, Iteration, Nested Loops

4.     While Loops

5.     Functions

○ Arguments, Encapsulation, Modules

6.     If Statements

7.     Projects

8.     Presentations

Course features:

1. Course instructions

2. Assignments every week