Build a product

This program enables students to build Artificial intelligence (AI), e-commerce and Mobile applications for the marketplace, SwatStore, that caters to real-world customers. Our unique position IS THAT while encouraging coders to learn and hones skills, we bring in non-coders TO take part to understand the products and concepts at the high level and most importantly to communicate with coders to make products work.


PS: Screening will be conducted for both Coders and non-coders.



1. Pick a project from the pool of identified projects that suites student's interests

2. Learn to define and capture the specification

3. Learn the process of Identifying the programming language and tools

4. Prepare collateral

5. Build the prototype

6. Place it on market place once qualified

7. Continue to make changes


1. Learn the process of identifying project

2. Learn to research and talking to potential customers and capture product specification

3. Learn the process of interacting with Coding team to flesh out specification

4. Learn to prepare collateral for product

5. Learn to prepare demos

6. Learn to use marketing tools

7. Provide demos to customers


1. How does program work?

This is an ongoing academy program where students will be taught different programming languages, domains,  packages and building actual projects.


2. How is this different from the "Youth Academy" course?

Youth academy is mainly targeted to develop coding skills. In this course studemts learn domains such as AI, e-commerce and mobile. also we group them develop projects for Hackathons and SwatStore

3. How is the course structured?

Course is structured for 24 weeks. one hour class a week

4. what If I want to approach USACO?

Absolutely ! We will train you towards it. It is a 10-week course for each week two hours. Once done you can continue with Build a product course to develop projects.

5.What are the pre-requisites?

Student must have some prior coding experience/knowledge in Python/Java/Java script or graduated from youth academy course.

6. What is the curriculum?

There will be multiple pathways using Python, Java, Java script, Mobile apps etc.

We will be starting with JavaScript based pathway :

Build a product curriculum : CURRICULUM 

USACO bronze curriculum: CURRICULUM


7. Are there make up classes?

Yes, we allow on another day during or after the week.

8. Ca my child did get through USACO tests?

We strongly thik if a student diligently follows, it is very much possible.

9. What are the projects?

Projects are pre-defined for the students and will be shown under NDA. Completed projects will be placed on Swatstore. These projects will be for given customer or a potential customer. Project specification will be provided by the instructor. Projects will be disclosed to the students under NDA.

10. Who are the instructors?

Instructors who have relevant experience building products.

11. What is the class size? 

Class is size will be maximum 8. 

12. Does project be completed in time during 24 weeks?

We try to implement agile methodologies. Since the students are part-time and depending upon how much time they spend , it may take longer. We will keep you updated as time goes on.

13. How do I sign up?

Build a product : here

USACO : here