Coding Vs Playing

March 7, 2017


Technology can change the way children think, what they learn, and how they interact with peers and adults. It can also teach the same old stuff in a disguised version of the same old way. The choice is ours.


In today’s day and age, research has moved beyond simple questions about technology and young children. For example, no longer do we ask if the use of technology is developmentally appropriate. Very young children have shown comfort and confidence in using computers. They can turn them on, follow pictorial directions, and use situational and visual cues to understand and reason about their activity. Typing on the keyboard does not seem to cause them any trouble; in fact, it seems to be a source of pride. Thanks to recent technological developments, even children with physical and emotional disabilities can use the computer with ease. Besides enhancing their mobility and sense of control, computers can help improve self-esteem.


Unfortunately,before most children used computers only occasionally -- and usually only when their teachers want to add variety or rewards to the curriculum. Unfortunate children use mostly drill-and-practice software, their teachers stating that their goal for using computers is to increase basic skills rather than develop problem-solving or creative skills. But now, this is changing: More fortunate young children are becoming more likely to have computers in their classrooms. More early childhood teachers are choosing open-ended programs based on developmental issues Placing computers in kindergartners' classrooms for several months significantly increases children's skills; placing them in the home yields greater gains. However, at home if not monitored by parents or adults, children more often play computer games than use instructional software. This is especially unfortunate. We need additional software and programs that bridge the school-home and entertainment-learning gaps.

At siliconvalley4u, we work on being that bridge. We offer several programs for different age groups and teach in a fun manner. We show them how to interact and use the computer correctly. Sv4u uses open-ended programs to help with goal setting, planning, negotiating, and resolving conflicts. Learn more about our programs at


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March 7, 2017

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