The USA Computing Olympiad is an online contest given to high school (or younger!) students competing on their ability to solve problems using computer programming.

(For beginners )

Ages: 6-17

Grades: 2nd and above

Pre-requisites: None

(For skilled coders)

Ages: 12 and above

Grades: 8th and above

Pre-requisites: Good knowledge of programming

(For Skilled coders)

Ages: 14 and above

Grades: 9th and above

Pre-requisites: Experience with coding and building projects


Grades: 9th and above

Pre-requisites : Interest in pursuing AP CS






"We have been impressed with SiliconValley4U as they offer a somewhat unique way to teach latest technologies to kids and help them understand how to solve real-world problems. At SiliconValley4U, kids get an opportunity to learn all aspects of software development cycle including identifying a problem that can we solved, working with mentors to discuss and brainstorm potential ways to solve it followed by a discussion on which technology or coding language would be most useful. SiliconValley4U has more project-based teaching approach and this makes learning technology more interesting to kids and my son is always proud and happy when he is able to solve a problem and he can relate to it.


I would not hesitate to recommend SiliconValley4U to any one who is looking to not just learn a programming language but really develop a curiosity to start with an idea and convert it into a working solution and learn technology along the way."

- Anil Jain (Parent/Vice president at Oracle )

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