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Siliconvalley4u offers the pro-coder program to enable students to learn tools and technologies to be able to work on a project as an intern.

1. How does program work?

This is an ongoing academy program where students will be taught different programming languages, domains,  packages and building actual projects.


2. How is this different from the "Build a product" course?

This a serious program where student's commitment is more than other courses. There will be timelines, reviews, and feedback for the students. Nexclap ( is used to provide reviews and feedback. It is self explanatory and provided the updates real time. We expect students to update time to time.There will be a GATE test for students to be qualified as a graduate. Certificates will be provided. Internship will be offered to work on a project.

3. How is the course structured?

Course is structured for 24 weeks. Twenty weeks of course , Two weeks for GATE tests and another two weeks for reviews.

There's a two hour  on-site class at our locations per week. In addition to that students can avail two more hours of instructor's help remotely. They can use this for home work and/or any questions they might have. There will be a review every month shared to the parent/student . There will be mid-term test and final GATE test for students to graduate.

4. What are the pre-requisites?

Student must have some prior coding experience/knowledge in Python/Java/Java script and must be older than 13 to be qualified to work as an intern.

5. What is the curriculum?

There will be multiple pathways using Python, Java, Java script, Mobile apps etc.

We will be starting with JavaScript based pathway :

JavaScript Pathway:  CURRICULUM

Python  Pathway:  CURRICULUM


6. Are there make up classes?

We expect students to plan around these sessions, so no make up classes allowed. In case if instructor can not attend, there will be a make up class. Also , in case students had to miss , he/she can make up the missing items during the week in other two hours.

7. Can I my son/daughter follow the course and get through the exam.

We  feel that , with a strong commitment, students can definitely do well

8. What if my child did not get through GATE tests?

Student can take the test after 3 months again. There will be a fee to re-appear for the test. Or they can continue with the course to get better and complete the test.

9. What are the projects?

Projects are pre-defined for the students and will be shown under NDA. Completed projects will be placed on Swatstore. These projects will be for given customer or a potential customer. Project specification will be provided by the instructor. Projects will be disclosed to the students under NDA.

10. Who are the instructors?

Instructors who have relevant experience building products. See below for profiles

11. How long is the internship? and what is the pay?

We envision internship to be for 3 months at the minimum. It could take longer depending upon the project. As per the school rules ,students can work 3 hours a week during school year. we disclose the payment at the time of internship

12. What if I already know all those technologies? Can I skip the training and apply for internship?

Absolutely ! Please take the GATE TEST and once you qualify we certainly consider you for internship


13. What is the class size? 

Class is size will be maximum 4. There will be two instructors. Instructor to student ratio 1:2.

14. Does project be completed in time during 24 weeks?

We try to implement agile methodologies. Since the students are part-time and depending upon how much time they spend , it may take longer. We will keep you updated as time goes on.

15. what are schedules?

Milpitas : Sunday at 11 AM to 1 PM
San Ramon : Saturday at 1 PM to 3 PM (Batch-1)
Saturday at 3 PM to 5 PM (Batch -2)
Online sessions : Saturday at 1PM to 3PM
Holidays : May 23 and 24th
July 4th and 5th
Sep 5th and 6th
(Holidays will be skipped , but 24 classes will be conducted by extending the session.)


16. what is pro-coder Lite ?

Everything as I described above except class duration is 2 hrs a week and no additional help for two hours.

17. How do I sign up?

Pro-coder light sign up : here

Pro-coder     : here

Pro-coder Lite : here

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