May 17, 2022
May 9, 2022

Applied Education: How Technology Can Help?

Applied Education: How Technology Can Help?


           In this technologically revolutionized world, occasionally every one of us will get a doubt on our subject “how will this topic useful for us in real life?”. The answer for this question can be found in Applied Education. Yes, in this blog  we are going to talk about Applied Education and how our Modern technology can be used in the Applied education.

Applied Education:

                Applied learning refers to an educational approach where students learn by engaging in direct application of skills, theories and models. The Education system which follows the applied Learning is called Applied Education. It is the learning which is done in real world. Applied learning is based on the concept that hands-on experiences in the real world are more beneficial for young students than simply listening to a lesson inside of a classroom. Here we teach our students “how we apply the concepts that we learned in books in the real world. There are so many types in the applied learning. Some of us are listed below

          1) Internships

          2) Service Learning

          3) Cooperative Education

          4) Student Teaching

          5) Clinical Education


                      This hands-on experience is actively teaching the child how to problem solve in new ways. since the child is given the opportunity to use their imagination and creativity to work through a problem, they won’t feel like they’re learning. It’s just like their set of building blocks at home, of which they have complete control over how they’re put together and how the final product looks. Applied learning will actually feel like, and in some ways is, playtime. And if you tell a child, it’s playing while it’s actually learning, there’s no telling how much “playing” they’ll want to do. Another prime benefit of applied learning is the self-confidence it can give children.  

How Technology can help Applied Education:

                      In this technologically revolutionized world, there are numerous free options available from different prestigious universities. No matter where you are, you can simply access the internet through your device and look for your options. Since the world of internet is bound to provide you with the best of your search results and help your education needs, your grades don’t need to suffer anymore. Technology provides students with easy-to-access information, accelerated learning, and fun opportunities to practice what they learn.

1) It helps the students to learn more.

2) It introduces more teachers to the classroom

3) It offers more opportunities for project-based learning

4) Improved Communication

5) Online Groups Collaboration

6) Open Education

7) It helps students to learn any concept anytime and anywhere.

8) Self-paced learning

9) You Can Now Finish a Degree Online

10) Effective Assessments


         Technology influences every aspect of our lives and plays a vital role in education; it is part of the curriculum, a means of delivering instruction, as well as a tool to enhance the learning process. The role of technology in education is immense. The learning process for the students becomes easier as the technology progresses. Technologies that are used in schools and colleges such as having computer labs, using of high-end devices and instruments makes it easy for students to understand the concepts.






Written by K. Chaitanya Pranav Sai, a Siliconvalley4u's student

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