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May 8, 2020

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality - What is in it for you?

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality - What is in it for you?

Meta Description: If you are unsure about how you can benefit from Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, you have come to the right place. Keep reading to find out what AR and VR has in store for you!

Modern techniques are to praise for the consistently staggering evolution in today’s world- a world that is continuously transitioning towards a technological revolution. The transformation might be yet to complete, but the rise of different technologies that have taken over the modern world is nerve-racking!

One of the greatest addition in today’s world is the addition of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. There was a time when these two technologies seemed like they could only be a part of a science fiction movie, but that’s not all they are!

AR and VR have not just proven to be useful tools for gaming or marketing; they are now making their way towards the classroom. Not only are they helpful in helping students enhance their learning skills, but it also helps students create their own content!

Here are a few AR and VR tools that help in promoting skills such as creativity, critical thinking, coding, analysis, problem-solving and iterative testing.


Augmented reality is the blending of various interactive digital components, including dazzling visuals, auditory, and other sensory projections, as part of our real-world experiences. They make you feel like a new world has come to life! Take a look at AR contenders:

1. CoSpacesEdu

CoSpacesEdu is a design tool. With CoSpacesEdu, students who have coding experience can easily create infographics or create virtual 3D worlds to explain their ideas or narrate stories through tours and exhibits. They can even upload images and 360-degree photos. A companion app is also available!

2. JigSpace

JigSpace is like an educational application that opens a realm of knowledge! Each ‘jig’ in the application is a 3D representation of different phenomena happening in everyday life. These concepts are well explained through a visual representation along with its explanation. Students can easily get ahold of topics such as the solar system, or how the human heart works.

3. Metaverse

Metaverse is an ambitious augmented reality tool that sharpens coding skills. This free platform has a website and an application that allows students to create as well as share their share interactive content in augmented reality. The tool can be used to gamify learning through warm-up exercises, review games or formative assessments.


Virtual reality is a simulated experience of an artificial world where the student is given such an experience that they believe the environment they are in is actually real! Take a look at these VR contenders:

1. Story Spheres

Pairing virtual reality with digital storytelling, Story Sphere is a website that lets students create virtual reality experiences. It allows students to upload images as well as 360-degree photos. They can add songs, sound effects, and narration.

2. HistoryView VR

This website allows students to take a tour of various national and international historic sites. The website is equipped with multiple touch points and commands that allow the students to surf through government buildings, national parks, museums and other historical landmarks.

3. Tour Creator

Tour Creator is a Google product enabling students to create their own versions of Google Expeditions. It allows them to make VR tours and share with their fellows! For each location that a student selects, they can add sound effects, images as well as notes to share with other students.

Siliconvalley4u is a platform that welcomes high school, college students, as well as parents to learn more about AR and VR. Connect with us to get an impactful AR/VR learning experience and get a hold of the coding skills that are necessary for survival in the upcoming corporate trends.






Written by Gurumurthy Yeleswarapu, CEO/Founder of Siliconvalley4u

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