May 16, 2022
March 1, 2021

How Does Coding and Learning Technologies Help Choose the Good and Leave the Bad Out?

How Does Coding and Learning Technologies Help Choose the Good and Leave the Bad Out?

Coding is everywhere, even if you don’t see it with your eyes. There is coding and programming in about every technology you use. Google, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and every online website or video uses coding and programming. But how does coding and learning technologies help choose the good and leave out the bad?

Coding is something that can help you with so many things throughout your life. Learning coding itself is important as you can learn to program, create many different types of software, and much more. But alongside with that, learning coding helps boost your brain in many various ways. While learning to code, there is a lot that goes in with it. For example, there is a lot of thinking, analyzing different pieces of code, and trying out different codes to see which ones work. Using these skills helps you outside of coding as well. Throughout your life, you will have to think and analyze some problems (whether it's in coding or your daily life). Coding helps boost your thinking because coding uses your brain to come up and think about different problems and their solutions. These problem-solving skills that are used in coding, are a great benefit to you and can help you to solve real-life situations.

Coding also helps to boost many more qualities inside of you. Coding expands your creativity as well as your curiosity. While learning to code, there will sometimes be a part where you get stumped on a part of code or when you can’t figure something out. That’s where the curiosity kicks in, where you want to keep trying out and finding out which piece or type of code fits and works. Curiosity is something that is also very important in your daily life as it’s extremely important to be aware of things as well as curiosity boosts the urge to figure something out rather than just giving up and leaving it unfinished. Coding also boosts your creativity in so many ways possible. I have seen my growth of creativity spike during learning coding because there are so many possible ways to write one piece of code and there are so many different possibilities that can occur while coding.  

Another vital part of coding is it helps when you are stuck on something. In this case, it pushes out the bad and keeps in the good. Coding pushes you to keep moving forward and to keep thinking and thinking. Coding itself makes you not want to give up because of the qualities it brings inside of you. It makes you want to figure something out even if you’re stumped or extremely confused about something. It pushes you to think more and that is very important in real-life situations, coding, school or anything that you do. Coding is something that is right-minded, and it is something that keeps in the good and leaves out the bad.






Written by Camillia Das, a Siliconvalley4u's coding academy student

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