June 30, 2022
June 26, 2022

How to start coding as a beginner

How to start coding as a beginner

I am writing this blog the thing is that I'm also a beginner in coding. I noticed a few things, and hope this will be beneficial.

  • Start coding at the early stages of your studies. Make a schedule for when to practice coding. Practice coding daily in short spans and then expand your daily time as soon as you understand the basics.
  • In any programming language start from the basics and you have to be good at basics which plays a major role in further understanding of complex concepts. Better knowing the basics serves as the foundation for your coding future.
  • Before you are going to learn any language start from C.We all know C has already been superseded by languages like C++, java. But we need to learn C before these because nobody can learn C++ or java directly. This is because while learning these languages we have stuff like classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism and exception handling, etc. To deal with these complex concepts we need to have basic knowledge of fundamentals.
  • During learning emphasis on understanding the concept. Don't try to just remember the concepts without understanding.
  • Whether you learn coding by enrolling in any course or you follow self-learning i.e from youtube or Google. Learn perfectly to make sure that you don't do multiple works at that time concentrate on the only one thing and don't get detracted from your work.
  • If you prefer learning from youtube videos just concentrate on what the tutor is telling but not on putting up with notes and reviewing them watching until you thoroughly understand the concept.
  • Don't try to recall the program for a problem understand the logic behind it so that we can solve identical problems.
  • Take the support of anyone good at coding and ask your doubts. Question everything that you don't understand and don't think twice to ask someone because everyone has distinct thoughts and unique mindsets so they may figure out them differently or they may know something related to that which you don't know.
  • Coding and jotting on a piece of paper both play a crucial role in coding. You have to do both. While coding on hand tries to perform more test cases and try solving them using different concepts.
  • Illustrate the concepts to your friends it supports them and you also. Because sharing knowledge helps us to connect and perform better.
  • Even if you know short gimmicks to solve a problem crack them in distinct ways. But you should learn both how to solve straightforward and how can we do these questions without using predefined methods.
  • Practice additional questions on a concept, "As practice makes a man perfect". Currently, there are a lot of resources to test our coding knowledge so utilize them.
  • Don't give up and get discouraged or speculate yourself as unsuccessful while coding because as it is the beginning stage we may sense like that but it puts up with time and later you will cherish coding.
  • You won't become an expert in a week or months learning is the process of acquiring knowledge as knowledge has no bounds. It's a non-stop ongoing process. There will be always something that we don't know.
  • You may all wonder why we need to follow all these and learn to code. Because Coding is ruling the world now and we can do wonders with coding.

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Written by A.Jyothi Ramya, a Siliconvalley4u's student

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