May 16, 2022
August 4, 2021

Web Security: What Teens Need To Know

Web Security: What Teens Need To Know

Web security is important to protect your online identity and personal information. New technologies are used now since schools are back in session, as responsibility comes with it. While many people genuinely believe that teenagers just use their electronics for video games and social media, the truth is that they use technologies for both studying as well as entertainment. Today's teenagers are more technologically knowledgeable than the average adult. Web security is critical for preventing hackers from gaining access to data. You may now be asking how to make your online information more protected.

How Can I Make My Online Data More Secure?

1. Use Strong Passwords

Your passwords should be at least 8 characters long, with such a combination of lowercase letters, capital letters, digits, and a special character such as an equal sign. Avoid using the same passcode more than once. When anyone gets access with one of your platforms, they will have control of your bank accounts, online shopping accounts, and any other sensitive information.

2. Use Secure Networks At All Times.

Constantly ensure if you're going into a secure network before entering your sensitive content on the web. If the url begins with “https,” you may be sure it is secure (because of the “s”). If it doesn't, you're either on the wrong login page or you're dealing with a phony website.

3. Stay Wary of Releasing Your Email Upon The Internet

This is a simple one, but it has the potential to unleash a bit of trouble. It's nothing more than a spam invite. Avoid putting your email address on public forums (for example, parks) and review sites (for example, yelp), where scammers will readily collect them.






Written by Laith Darras, a Siliconvalley4u's coding academy student

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