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June 2, 2020

What is the Imporatnce of a Profile for a Graduate?

What is the Imporatnce of a Profile for a Graduate?

Meta Description: Many talented individuals suffer incompetency and lack of excellence and spark in their workplaces that they used to have back in their study days. Here’s how a graduate profile counters this problem.

Excelling in the school and college educational life is one thing. Still, good grades and honorary awards in middle/high school or college studies don’t necessarily determine that a person will excel in the professional worlds as well. We often encounter cases that bright students end up in not being so bright in their professional carriers. There are cases in which students who good excellent grades during their school and college life find themselves in a void when the time of selecting their careers comes. All their lives, they focused on excelling in their grades and GPAs so much that they ignored the aspect of finding their hidden talents and aptitude.

Graduate Profiles

A graduate profile focuses on the balance between academics and professional learning and expertise. It creates a bridge between the school and college learning and the inner aptitude and talent of an individual and provides a guidance path that directs an individual to their desired field of work. Its main focus is on those learning goals that anchors and boost a set of developmental skills that come in handy for empowering individual minds to excel in both; academic and professional life. It is not just that, but a proper pathway for an individual towards their desired path.

All in all, a graduate profile’ main objective is to empower the students to look out for their talent and master it, rather than trying to be good at every field there is available. An educated system must not have a general approach in the first place, that is why graduate profiles are necessary. They create a personalized pathway for every individual that they can build and walk on as per their requirements and talents. A graduate profile can benefit any individuals from any domain like programming, coding, artificial intelligence, software engineering, machine learning, or any other field of work.

Channelized guidance and assistance

What better can be there other than the creation of a proper platform where students can create their graduate profiles and upload their accomplishments such as, projects, video demos, etc. and obtain validation for their work profile as well. A graduate profile may be under few circumstances called by different terms. Graduate’s portrait, Learning goals, graduate’s vision, and Learner’s profile are to name a few.

A graduate profile is also a method or redesigning your institute’s curricular system which sets itself aligned with modern-day work requirements. In the present era, a graduate profile has become a necessity in many systems because candidates coming from an academic system which has graduate profiles in its institutes are more likely to produce better outcomes for corporations. Those systems that lack having the concept of a graduate profile are not producing the same quality candidates for a workplace. Also, the desired potential and talented candidates are unable to find their interests in those systems, and a lot of talent is going to waste.






Written by Gurumurthy Yeleswarapu, CEO/Founder of Siliconvalley4u

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