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May 1, 2020

Why Should You Learn AI Now, Not in College?

Why Should You Learn AI Now, Not in College?

Meta Description: What age is best for starting learning AI is a question that is wandering these days in the brains of many, especially parents of young kids. Here are some reasons why one should start learning AI at an early age.

In the world of modern-day technology, a question has started to hover above us related to the debate of Artificial Intelligence, which is rapidly gaining popularity. Nowadays, we can observe a boom in the discussion for the topic of AI and the IT professionals and experts are eager to let the world know about the benefits of AI and how it can revolutionize every field. AI is all about empowering computer systems with enough intelligence that they can interpret situations in a way humans do. A common point that society is pondering upon these days is whether AI is an extremely advanced field of study, and only experts can study it?

No age restrictions

The answer to this question is quite simple. Artificial Intelligence, like every other academic or professional field of study, has different levels. There is no age limit of starting to study AI, and even children can start to learn about it starting from its initial stages. Furthermore, experts put an especial emphasis on starting to study and learn AI from an early age. The reason for this emphasis is that AI is rapidly becoming famous among other fields of study, and shortly it is expected to become the most discussed phenomenon. This field will largely dominate the future of science and technology, and it will be visible in almost every professional and academic field. There are many reasons why one should start learning AI at a young age.

Reasons for starting to learn AI at a young age

During the current times, whoever plans to indulge their children in starting to learn AI during their young age can reap its benefits later. Experts indicate many reasons why someone should plan to invest their efforts in making their child learn and study AI before college or high school.

  • Learning AI boosts the creativity of your child
  • It works on the strategical and analytical skills of your child and helps them solve complex problems
  • It gives a boost to the skills related to your child’s mental activities and abilities
  • Leaning AI takes them on a journey of new concepts, hence increasing the curiosity and hunger for learning more
  • The field of AI will highly influence the future employment sector
  • AI will transform the mindset of your child and empower them to begin thinking like researchers or scientists
  • Since AI is all about obtaining the perfect outcome from a situation, it will trigger the kids to find perfection in their works as well
  • AI helps grow patience in them who lacks it
  • Learning AI can develop the ambition of teamwork within your child and empower them to be leaders of future
  • Continuous learning gives energy
  • Learning AI can teach your kid that learning from their mistakes only makes them stronger
  • Lastly, learning AI can teach your children that one can only strive to be perfect but no one actually can

There are different coding boot camps initiated by different coding schools worldwide. The main purpose of these boot camps is to teach coding fundamentals to young minds. Coding leads to the basis of AI. Subjects like Python programming are extremely beneficial to lay the foundation stone of learning AI in someone’s mind.

Siliconvalley4u is a platform that works on creating teaching programs and workshops related to AI and coding for the youth. We design AI workshops for different educational institutions, students of high school and college, and even parents. Connect with us to get an impactful AI learning experience and get a hold of the coding skills that are necessary for survival in the upcoming corporate trends.


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Written by Gurumurthy Yeleswarapu, CEO/Founder of Siliconvalley4u

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