May 18, 2022
May 12, 2022

Electric cars : Do you like them? What’s the future like?

Electric cars : Do you like them? What’s the future like?

In the USA less than 1% of the 250 million vehicles on the road are electric. One of the most popular electric cars bought in the USA has been the Tesla Model Y which was unveiled in 2019. But what are the benefits of this type of vehicle? And what is the future going to look like for the electric vehicle (EV) industry?

Today Tesla has been ranked as the best-selling electric vehicle manufacturer worldwide after selling 936,200 vehicles in 2021.

Most customers are pleased with buying an electric car because they do not have to spend a boatload of money on gas. This is one of the benefits of having an EV. Another is that in California the Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) program allows drivers to go in the carpool lane even if they are the only one inside of the car. This is because of a sticker that comes with the car.

Electric vehicles have also been known to be safer for passengers. One of the reasons for safety is because it has a lesser chance of a rollover accident. This is because the battery of the car is usually positioned at the bottom of the car, this lowers the vehicle's center of gravity providing a distribution of weight and stability.

Most importantly having an EV can save the planet because there is 0 exhaust which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Recently there has been the use of electric school buses. These have benefits different from electric cars. For example, since EV buses have a quieter ride the bus driver will hear what is happening on the bus and they will be more aware of the children's safety.

According to the article, “Visualizing America’s Electric Vehicle Future” it states, “The auto industry’s future ‘is electric, and there’s no turning back’ according to President Biden. It’s expected the EV sales in the U.S. will grow from around 500,000 vehicles in 2021 to over 4 million in 2030.” This shows that the EV industry will be more popular than ever before in the future.

Therefore electric vehicles are benefiting society and people. As well as being very popular in the future. So, the next time your family or friends buy a car, remind them of the reasons why they should get an EV.






Written by Mira Kapadia, a Siliconvalley4u's student

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